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  • Diet Science

    If your body is sabotaging your efforts to lose weight, why not ditch the traditional approaches and try some new methods, based on the latest research, that work with your body rather than against it. With a studied diet plan, a medical prescription, medical supervision, and lifestyle management you can make the difference you're been seeking.

  • HCG Prescription

    The effectiveness of hCG as a diet supplement is its role in “re-setting” the hypothalamus and changing how the body burns fat. Release your trapped fat.

    Taking HCG is a life redefining experience that moves the consumer from weight-loss focused to weight-loss motivated.

  • Coaching

    Our physicians in healthcare and wellness form partnerships with customers to optimize health and well-being by developing and sustaining healthy lifestyles.

    Our medical staff is both licensed and experienced. We boast over 50 years of combined medical years of practive, and our expertise is rivaled by none.

  • Tracking

    Our motivational support team is the icing fat-free oil on the cake vegetables. With their help you will feel confident enough to look the day in the face and demand that it move aside before you run it over.

    What does this mean? This means up to 24/7 support via email, phone, letter, or carrier-pigeon. It means getting the right reminders at the right time. It means that you will matter to an individual who is personally assigned to your well-being and future health. That's teh support team on which you can lean.

  • Community

    Community matters in Arkansas. We bring you the latest and greatest in health news, and we provide the environment for your local fitness peers to discuss and meet for activities. We take the additional step in making sure that you have the opportunity to change your environment to a healthier one that can prevent falling into the yo-yo diet.

    Introvert are we? No worries, you can stick with our staff, and they'll treat you like family whenever you need them. No pushy phone calls, no uncomfortable emails, and no money grabs.

  • Upcoming Store

    The New Creations store is an upcoming venture we hope will impress our customers. Our plans include providing the latest dieting materials and accessories that you can use to keep your body in shape. All of this backed by a medically trained staff that can fill you in on the need to know details about supplements and gear.

    Not enough? We're open to suggestions on where we should head with our knew venture, so we'd love to hear your thoughts on this! Just send us an email at

9 Week Program


12 Week Program


My heart just melted…

I’ve been overweight since I was a little girl.  I’ve literally tried everything.

Thanks to New Creations, I’ve lost almost 140 pounds and kept it off!

But the best thing is keeping up with my 6 kids!  It really hit home when my 10 year old, Wilson, gave me a hug and said, “I love that I can put my arms all the way around you, Mommy!”


I lost 30 pounds 3 plus years ago and haven’t looked back…I ran a mile a full minute faster the day after I completed the program!

I work for New Creations, so it’s important that I know how our program works.  As one more successful patient, I know.